Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Crochet Heart Pattern

**Pattern has had limited testing so let us know if you find any mistakes or have questions!**

Using size H hook:
Ch. 5.
Sl st to first ch. to form ring.
Ch. 2.
12 dc and 1 sc in ring. Sl st to second ch from beginning to attach.
Ch. 1. (Pattern is worked around the circle)
In stitch 1: 1 sc and 1 dc
In stitch 2: 2 triple crochet
In stitch 3: 1 dc and 1 sc
In stitches 4-6: 2 sc in each
In stitch 7: 2 dc
In stitches 8-10: 2 sc in each
In stitch 11:1 sc and 1 dc
In stitch 12: 2 triple crochet
In stitch 13: 1 dc and 1 sc
Sl st to the sl st space from the beginning and finish off.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's Coming Next...

There's always something new I (Kim) want to try in the world of crochet! And I LOVE a challenge! One of my favorite things is when a customer says, "Hey--I have an idea for a hat. Can you do it?" It's a lot of fun for me. 

Currently, I'm working on a new style of crochet called Tunisian crochet. It has the appearance of a knit, but done with the ease of crochet. It's fairly simple to do once you get the movement down, but the challenge is that you can't work in a round. Here's a coffee cozy/sleeve I made using this style (available for purchase soon in the shop):

I'm also in the last stages of completing my first pattern, which will also be available for purchase in the shop. The challenge for me is that I don't use a pattern when I make things. I just make them! So all of the patterns to the hats in our shop are stored away in my brain. I've been working on writing them down so other people can make them too. I've finished the pattern for the Hello Kitty Hat and am currently having it tested by my wonderful and talented sister, Kelsey.


Check the shop often to see when these items arrive!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hats for Haiti-All Profits To Relief Efforts

All profits from our Hats for Haiti go directly to World Vision, an organization that helps deliver relief supplies like "food, clean water, blankets, and tents--to children and families devastated by the earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti." All profits will be donated at the end of each month and we will post the totals here on our blog. We encourage our customers and followers to consider purchasing a hat for yourself, friends, family, co-workers, etc. They make great gifts and are going to a great cause. saol receives NO profit from these hats whatsoever. We're just trying to do what we can to help those who are in desperate need. Hats are only $7 and are available in any color.